The Thread That Binds for PETA: Death

A great read on the evils over at PETA!


PETA is still in very hot water over its support of Breed Specific Legislation and is trying mightily to spin the truth. But the truth is the truth, we must keep our focus on it. And this is the truth — when you dig deep into the way their actions impact companion animals you can see that they have one common thread — animals end up dead.

Let’s just get some facts out there.

First Fact: During the months of July, August, and September, PETA took in 630 animals and 490 of those animals were killed. You can find a statement by Virginia Senator Bill Stanley about those numbers here. Sadly, these are typical numbers for PETA. In 2014 they took in 2,631 animals and killed 2,324. You can find more information about their shockingly high kill rate here.

Second Fact: PETA kills adoptable animals without ever trying…

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PETA’s Bully Tactics — How They Dragged my Family into the Line of Fire

Please read!
PeTA at their worst!


Yesterday I wrote this blog alluding to the fact that PETA was attempting to bully me into silence by attempting to put into jeopardy something sacred to us — the loss of which would do serious harm to my family, to my children. At the time I wrote the blog I was not able to give more details, shortly after I published it I was given the green light to do so. Had I known that was going to happen I would have just written yesterday the blog I will write today. But, not knowing when I would be given the green light, and after talking to my husband about the parameters of what was appropriate to put on my blog in the meantime, I went ahead. Because I believe it is important people know as much as possible about how PETA attempts to bully people who speak the truth…

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Feedback and a few insights maybe?

I am sitting here attempting to map out how I can start writing in a productive fashion and such.  I wrote several new poems which need proofing and all but nothing really serious.  Honestly, I am my own worst critic and I am always seeking for feedback.    I want perfection.  sound like anyone you know?  lol   I am perfectly imperfect.  Thank you Otep.

Moving on to this blog….well an attempt at a blog I should say.  I have reached any new goals. So few few read this I am wondering what can I do to really make a true attempt of this.  Recent, I have stopped following several blogs that were, well honestly to me , they were trash.  One wanted to just bitch on his day,  While another was written by a bigot and homophobic.  Neither of which I really wish to read.  However, their fellowship was huge!  One was t 35,000 followers!    I ask myself are there that many deprived people in this world?  Or a lack or truly inspired people who write or create to make the day a bit more livable.

Well a few thoughts I guess.  Here is the poems I wrote this AM:

Take My Hand

Once again I see a report of another one gone.
No not to just any disease, a worst one of all.
A needle pricked them to an ending.
The voices of the disease called upon them.
They called another only to another place.
NO prays to save them.
Only the tears that pool into sorrow.
All the many wonder why did they die.
I, for one, did not hear that call.
That voice of “evil”, I reject that call.
But for the addict I will heed the call.
Alone you cannot overcome and shall lose.
Reach for the hand held out for you!
Look up and see all those hands reaching out.
Please come take me hand!


Rains have drenched me to the soul.
Left chilled to the bone.
Breath of air leaves with a puff.
The ground soaked and left muddy.
Drains and gutters overflow with debris.
Roads and streets washed with down pours.
Detours for flooding and cellars pumped.
We were once so dry, to end the fire warnings.
All now wet, soaked and moist.
I attempt to wipe the wetness away
No towel can find me dry.

Thank you for taking time to read this today!

PETA’s Farce of an “Adopt-a-Thon.”

PETA is a joke! If you support them you are part of the problem.


So PETA is holding an “adoption event” at its Bea Arthur dog park for itself and eight shelters/rescues. On the surface this seems to be a positive thing — an opportunity for area shelters and rescues to get animals who are available for adoption out into the community and, hopefully, into some forever homes. The problem, however, is that while PETA claims to operate a shelter it does not. A shelter is a place where animals who have already been betrayed by someone in some way can find, well, shelter. Rescue. Protection. Advocacy. Love. Hope. A shelter is not a place with a 1% adoption rate. A shelter is not a place where killing is not only acceptable but encouraged. A shelter is not a place that, when asked what kind of actions are routinely taken in order to find animals it takes in forever homes, answers “no…

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A Plea to Former PETA employees — it’s time to rise up.


This morning I read a blog piece by Nathan Winograd entitled The (Death) Cult of PETA, it is absolutely required reading for anyone who wants to know more about PETA and I hope it spreads far and wide. In it he perfectly lays out not only the arc of damning evidence that brings into the light what actually happens to companion animals behind PETA’s closed doors, but the mindset that enables these events to happen. Please read it — there is not one wasted word in it and it is a vital piece of research and writing.

While there is a lot to say and highlight about Mr. Winograd’s piece, what I want to focus on for the purposes of this blog are the former employees he has spoken to over the years, because there have been many and they are quoted in his piece. The problem is that none…

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