For sometime I have been wanting to write these thoughts in my mind and now i have begun!  As I am working on my projects and I have many, I will also be posting Some poetry, Short Stories and some Political commentary.  As well as my STFU! blogs.

Overall I am pretty nice guy, I think.  Opinions vary and opinions are like assholes, Everyone has one.    I am no scholar, nor do I pretend to be.   Sit back and enjoy.  Or just ignore.  All in All I am going to have some fun and enjoy the ride!

I must mention if you leave negative comments…They will be deleted!

Thanks for reading

You Dark Warrior!




7 thoughts on “About

  1. blueinsomniak

    Hi there, thank you for following. I enjoyed your about post and look forward to reading more of your blog. I dabble in poetry myself but by no means am I a professional nor do I even come close. It’s just a passion that I feel like I finally have built up enough courage to share. I welcome any comments or feedback you have to offer. Thanks again.


  2. Angie K

    Hi, just to say that I found your blog through Blogging 201 and am now a new follower. Feel invited to visit mine and maybe follow it back if you find something there to interest you, too. 🙂



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