Feedback and a few insights maybe?

I am sitting here attempting to map out how I can start writing in a productive fashion and such.  I wrote several new poems which need proofing and all but nothing really serious.  Honestly, I am my own worst critic and I am always seeking for feedback.    I want perfection.  sound like anyone you know?  lol   I am perfectly imperfect.  Thank you Otep.

Moving on to this blog….well an attempt at a blog I should say.  I have reached any new goals. So few few read this I am wondering what can I do to really make a true attempt of this.  Recent, I have stopped following several blogs that were, well honestly to me , they were trash.  One wanted to just bitch on his day,  While another was written by a bigot and homophobic.  Neither of which I really wish to read.  However, their fellowship was huge!  One was t 35,000 followers!    I ask myself are there that many deprived people in this world?  Or a lack or truly inspired people who write or create to make the day a bit more livable.

Well a few thoughts I guess.  Here is the poems I wrote this AM:

Take My Hand

Once again I see a report of another one gone.
No not to just any disease, a worst one of all.
A needle pricked them to an ending.
The voices of the disease called upon them.
They called another only to another place.
NO prays to save them.
Only the tears that pool into sorrow.
All the many wonder why did they die.
I, for one, did not hear that call.
That voice of “evil”, I reject that call.
But for the addict I will heed the call.
Alone you cannot overcome and shall lose.
Reach for the hand held out for you!
Look up and see all those hands reaching out.
Please come take me hand!


Rains have drenched me to the soul.
Left chilled to the bone.
Breath of air leaves with a puff.
The ground soaked and left muddy.
Drains and gutters overflow with debris.
Roads and streets washed with down pours.
Detours for flooding and cellars pumped.
We were once so dry, to end the fire warnings.
All now wet, soaked and moist.
I attempt to wipe the wetness away
No towel can find me dry.

Thank you for taking time to read this today!


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