Monthly Archives: December 2014

M.I.A. ….

I must apologize for my missing in action for the past several weeks.  I was a fool and removed the AC unit for my window.  The result of such action caused another injury in my lumber, at L5-S1 level.  I have attempted to take my days a bit easier, however, as always I remain stubborn and continue to do stupid things!  I have also started a new relationship with a wonderful woman.   For now I will keep my name out of this all as not too incriminate her in the process.  We both have agreed we need to take this slow and easy, so that we may get it right!  Soon I shall get back to MORE writing and such and hope I can share with you again very soon.

I will leave you for now with Holiday Greeting and wish you and your family and safe and joyous holiday season.