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Fibro Awareness

Every slide you see is so true. I live with this chronic illness. It has changed my life in too many ways. For me the Meds are not working and we are about to start another one.  Some days I do get so tired. Some of you will never see my pain nor will you know it at all. I live with this on a daily basis. I have no answers really on what works. I do know and understand the effect of this illness long term. Fibro itself may not kill, but the depression from this illness it what brings them there. In the days ahead I will speak about fibro and those effects. Please just listen and understand.

Thank you!


Shattered Days

Shattered Days Michael Wright Aug 26 2014

The Pain is killing my soul
Tearing away the remaining sanity
This pain will consume me
I won’t be able to stop it
No one will be able to help
They do not believe the truth
Hour to hour
Day to Day
I will never escape
I try to walk 
I try to run 
I have screamed
I have Pleaded
For I have a life sentence
No repeal granted
Pain it is to be a part of me
Soon it will be all of me….

I think I should qualify the above poem. Living with a chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, my life has changed greatly.  Some days i am full of pain a d others i am kind of Okay.  The pain and other issues tend to wear upon a person.  Today is a down day.   The above poem is a result of the last couple days. 

Thanks for listening

love and peace to you all


Just for Today

Some say I was born with you in me
I don’t know about all that now
I know you tried to destroy me
You even tired to kill me
What the hell did I do to you?
I tired to fight you off
I tired to reason with you
Even rationalizing with you didn’t work
I even tired to bride you
You Tired to take me to dark places
Nowhere I should have been
You almost won you son of a bitch!
But no, I was better then that
I was stronger then that!
Finding that inner strength to arrest you
I have the weapons to fight you
Placing you in bondage as you did to me
I will not falter in this battle
You are in check, as you shall remain!
I cannot rid myself of you
As you will be with me till my dieing days
You will always be a part of my being
However, you will never be all of my being
I might some day let you loose again
For it will not be this day!
Today, is all I have
Today, is all I need!

For my story is not unlike an other person who is in recovery. I was a drunk and horrible person. I am no longer that man. I have now been Clean and Sober more then half of my natural life. Many people and the Program of AA have changed this man. For that, I owe a debt which can never be repaid in full.

Love and Peace

Woman Awaiting

Woman Awaiting

A rose pales to her womanly scent
Silk could never compare to her skin
Intoxicated form her presence
Men can only hope she carries desire
Day, night, no matter, her beauty shines
She is no princess, She is a Queen!
For her wears might not be regal
They suit her mood and attitude
Gazing upon her knowing she is true
She walks upon a different plane
Her level is not one reached easily
Her, among them all, cannot settle
The trek will be long and trying
Seeking for the “1” to join her
Seeking for her equal and exact fit
For she is equal to the task at hand
Never seeking more, never accepting less
This AM I have been realizing I need to reach out more to women in order to receive back! One profile has stood out to me in this viewing. I think it has awakened me me finally to another beginning. I wrote the poem to express that thought. However, even in these advance years, I feel like a teenager when I attempt to engage woman.


Thank you!

Maybe it is just me, however, I am excited about this blog and my writing overall.  My plans are to have a release ready for Jan 2015.  At the very least an ebook.  Today’s feedback shows I might be headed in the right direction. Please stick with me over this journey!  Tonight I hope I can at least get a photo up and work on my About me.  

A huge Shout for Otep Shamaya, Remember Art Saves!  She might write like Bruce Lee, However, I am 


Thank You again 



Love and Life -Aug 20th 2014

Intertwined with one another
Sweat glistening on the skin
Breeze chilling the bodies
A kiss more then a kiss
Souls touching
Reach a higher level
All levels of love
This is true and right
Packed away forever
Lost in thoughts
Deep within
Cycle of love and life
Energy flowing
From body to body 
An endless current
Never stopping or ending
In the dark
Hand in hand
Wrapped in their arms
Love and Life!