My Rules For Peace

The Search for Peace from Under a Butterfly's Wings


If ever I am going to find peace, than I must set down rules.  These rules, I have believed for far too long were for others to follow.  It has finally hit me over the head (like the cliche:  ton of bricks) that the rules must be MINE.  

My overall survival depends upon setting up RULES to live by; if not I will perish under the oppression of my captors.  Stockholm syndrome – whatever it may be – I must figure out a way to save myself from this constant barrage of self inflicted abuse.

My Rules For Peace:

1.  Say NO

2.  Ignore negativity

3.  Find out what makes me happy

4.  Look forward

5.  Do NOT accept pain

6.  Love myself enough to take care of ME

7.  Remember what my father would want for me; not what others want for me

8.  Selfish is

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