Sleep till noon

As of late, I have lost motivation and been so very tired.  Thanks to medicine I am sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day!  Sleeping to noon it not fun during winter.  I am trying meet the goals I have set for my blog.  This is today edition.  As always your feedback is welcome.

Sleep Till Noon

Waking after the morning is gone,
most of the light already burned away.
Running to the night,
I cannot seem to ever catch up.
Every step taken to that light,
falling back even more into the dark.
The night reigns long,
only on the winter solstice.
The days are short and few;
using the night to escape them.
This game or battle they play,
Light and dark of the day.
We use what we can to hide,
as we attempt to snuff the day.
We believe that darkness will save,
the true terror lay in the dark.
Seize all of that you can,
day or night before it is gone…

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