Hollows End

For the past for days and maybe weeks, I haven’t felt like writing for some reason.  I am not sure of the reason but none the less I have been dry, in manner of speaking.  I have been able write but I have wondered if it worth sharing.  However, I will share this one, and please provide feedback if you wish.

If you wish you may  share what thoughts have sprouted in your mind from reading it.

Hollow’s End

I stand in the place no one sees
Viewing all that passes by
None seem to notice me
I see their intent in the light
None caring for the other
They would rather step on you
Tear you apart in a instant
Moving by me in a blur
Over and Over again
A seemingly endless parade
The faceless souls just pass by
As if they did not know of life
Even screaming has no effect
A flood of the souls pushes past
None will stop and look
No one can fight the current
The flood rises and rises
Their minds have been wiped
and their soul no longer theirs
None Rise
None Resist
None Rebel
They just go with the flow….

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