Oteps’ B-day!

The date is Nov 7th 2014 and Someone has a birthday! Since I am a November birthday as well I tend to remember other people born in this month. So for your birthday I find it only proper it be share with some words from my mind! Please share this all you wish! And if you must partake in party for b-day Have a shot for me since I can no longer partake in the drink!

She hits them with her words
From her beginning
The abuse
The dirty secrets
The inhumanity
From all that
She rose
To forge her weapons
Sevas Tra
The Words
The Art
All saved her
Shared her tribe
Many sought her
Many follow her
Building upon the tribe
Giving unto them
the keys of FREEDOM!
Showing and sharing the way
A new day arose for many
Finding new talents
Using her lyrics and riffs
Some found a new peace
Thanks come by the bushel
She never forgots
what her is….
who she is….
For she is Otep

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