2 thoughts on “Joan Jett PSA

  1. Tory Thames

    Ok, I might be an odd one out here. So, let me explain. I am all for equal pay if, and only if, we can do the same job. Now, I know that physical will always be different. There were times I needed help with that in the military, no problem and the guys said no problem. But I did not go by different standards to pass school or work in the field. It was the exact same. Even in war, I had to make do with no privacy for showers or other facilities. I was in the desert doing busy behind a wheel, just like the guys. Even in the factory, I work in, I have to do the same job. There are tools so that I don’t hurt myself by lifting heavy objects, no problem, again. Even the guys use the tools. I got paid the same and that’s where I agree. I also agree with the government overstepping their boundaries and we need to vote. I do have a problem with the new feminist movement. I don’t agree with it. It seems the movement is more about bashing men on the heads. Whining about pay, but not doing the work. Other than those, I like the song and Joan Jett. Thanks for posting the video.



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