Broken Dreams

This whole project began because of some rejection.  As well I need a healthy outlet for the negative emotions.  My “Dream” still is alive.  I hope to soon have the want and means to publish a book of poems.   I know everyone wants words of joy and warmth, sometimes I able to bring those out, but today was gray day,  Cloudy and raw.  If you liked what I have written please share it with others.

Love peace to you


Broken Dreams

This love was long ago
You sought to find your path
With no willing sacrifice
Desiring all of life’s offers
A man to hold and care for
The Child born of Love
A family of your own
None would come
You missed that chance
The fulfillment of dreams
Laid upon your hands
Opting for easier way
For just over the horizon
All you wanted,
All you wished for,
All of your dreams,
so close to fulfillment.
The joining with another  blood child from your womb
And all that surround this dream
Look to your hands,
scared by that choice
Dreams shattered by you!
With your own hand
you killed the dream,
along with that love.
Today, all you are left with
are those Broken Dreams.

4 thoughts on “Broken Dreams

    1. thedarkwarriorproject Post author

      Actually these were not my dreams that were broken, in some sense. These were about her dreams. They most likely would have come to pass, if she had chosen different. At least I would like to think that could of happened.



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