3 goals for my blog!

3 goals for my Blog

Being 100% honest when I started to write the past summer I didn’t think I have the talent to write PERIOD! After a few people have read and reviewed my work and they liked the work. So that started this down this path. I a still working what areas of life I will cover but I do have it narrowed down. However, I really need to learn HOW to BLOG! Hence me joining the blogging courses.

In make a goal I remember 2 rules about making Goals, They have to be measurable and a gaol has to be obtainable. So here goes…

3 Goals

1. Increase follows by 50% being I only have about 30 that is not that hard

2. Increase daily views by 40%. Again with low readership will, not be that difficult.

3. Post at least one item everyday. Posting at least once a day will lead to more readers and follows

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