My mind at times just goes into overdrive and the ideas flow like water! I do lose some of the ideas, some are really dumb and once in a while I have one that is pretty awesome. Yes I am bias in this case, for it is my idea after all! I will have to follow trough on this project and hope it really works out well.

This will take a bit of time from you and maybe a couple bucks. What I am asking you to do is send me a post card with one word written on the card. Thats all I am asking. Nothing more! See is that NOT so simple?

Now you ask what am I going to do with the Post cards! With the post cards and your words I will write them them. I am ironing out all the details as I am writing this blog entry. I also plan to scan the front of the post card and produce a video of them at some point. I am pretty sure I will need help with that.

So please come join me and the other who have already committed to sending a post card.
Mail the post card to me!

Michael Wright
19 Kimberly Ave
Springfield MA 01108

Love and peace to you

15 thoughts on “MY NEW PROJECT!

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      1. rixlibris

        Great. As soon as my keepers have a lapse in attention I will escape and head to the nearest civilized place where postcards are stored. It sounds like a fun project.


    1. rixlibris

      Have you tried buying a simple postcard lately? Maybe Waller County, Texas is just too backwater to have such innovations but I visited all the local “dollar stores”, the CVS drug store, two truck stops and several chain groceries. None of them carry picture post cards anymore. I finally located one (several actually) among souvenirs purchased on past trips. One will be winging its way to your project but I wonder, is my experience unique or somehow indicative of a new gap in the overall communication matrix?


      1. thedarkwarriorproject Post author

        Yeah this is a bit of a task. But good for the people attempting to find a few decent one post cards.

        I am thank you for you time spent on this task. In the end it will all be worth that time.


      2. rixlibris

        “A promise made is a debt unpaid….” Robert Service.

        I was surprised to find that it would require more than a single quick stop to accomplish so mundane a task. But I suppose the digital age chalked up another victim, the “penny” postcard. I am looking forward to the project results.

        Liked by 1 person

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