Falling Through Darkness

Today, I find my myself in a hole. With colder weather coming and my body still not recovered from surgery, I am having a hard time staying awake. Really hate that when it happens. The worst part I wake and I am still exhausted. Below is a poem I composed over the last couple days when I lucid and awake. I have to admit at least I thought I was awake…
Falling through Darkness
I am on the edge… Looking down into seemingly endless hole….Nothing but darkness in that hole…Looking to both side I can see no edges…I look forward and I see no end… I scream and there is no report in return…This piece of land I Stand…A lost step and I will be forever gone…Deep in this abyss I am confined…Knowing no light to see me…No sound to sooth me…I slip and fall…Down this mountain of loathing?…Or just within my own dreams?…Night and day are lost…This darkness has stolen them all…Loneliness and abandonment are my new friends…Yet they are friends of old…Downward I shall go…Falling more and more with no end…I have never entered this place before…I do not like it here…I can no longer cry, no tears left…No one to hear these cries…Does anyone car anymore?…I have been left here…out of sight, out of mind…trapped in my bondage…I am can only cry, silently…

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