Release Me

Trapped within
No inner peace
This damn thing will get me
It has taken my body
It wants it all, even my mind
I need the escape
The blade cant drain it
No pills bring silence
I need to get out of here
No promises fulfilled
They fear what will happen
No one reaching out
Down in this deep dark hole
I hate what I have become
I know what needs to be done
No final word spoke
NO gasping for air
No Splatter upon these walls
I am caged like an animal
I await to be released

Dealing with fibro on a daily basis feels like a never ending battle. Those who have this disorder know this struggle. Some days are “normal” other days feel like the devil himself is attacking you. I have had a hard week and it doesn’t end here today. Tomorrow I will be having surgery to remove what dental work still remains. It will be a long weekend! I promise to not write too much stuff when I am a bit whacked from the pain killers.

Love and peace to you all


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