Blown Away!

There are some days I cant explain my actions. No one is hurt, man woman animal alike, and I actually don’t plan to hurt anyone. However, there are times I just want out of all this shit! All the crap going on around me and I am still having to wait? Oh we will tell you in in 30 to 60 days that we are going deny your claim AGAIN! Really? Meanwhile, I am hanging by a very thread it feels like or that is feels that way. I just am not finding answer. All this is wearing down. I don’t know where I am going to turn next. The lyrics below are about this very mood. I am just tired and need this to be done! I can fully understand how a persons mind can snap. There is very thin line between the sanity and genius. I think I tripped over it this morning.

I hope someone reads this. Some days I cant hide the pain. Some days the pain gets me! These are the days that leave those scars you see. I just hope I can hang on. It becomes so very hard. I cant really think straight today.

Blown away!
I am set to go off
Explode on my next victim
Better take cover
I am ready to pull the trigger
Just open the flesh and let it flow
Just pull the fucking pin!

Why is it always me?
Why the fuck am I waiting ?
Just a time bomb
The fuse is lite
Don’t take another step!
I am ready to just EXPLODE!

In the end it will burn
Riots will start the flame
Fire will consume all
All of it!
All of YOU!
Nothing left but ashes

I am no longer in control
The masses have taken me
I can no longer exist
No longer will I walk alone
Soon the pain will end
Crushed under the masses

I am so ready
Ready to blow away this world
Blow It all away and everyone with it
Let then come Take them all down
each and every one
Just blow them away!

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