That day I was granted a son,
my Joy unmeasurable.
He was so small and innocent,
all his parts clean and bright.
Falling asleep in my hands,
only moments after birth.
He grew to learn from me,
acted liked he was my right hand.
Ever attempting to fit in my shoes,
clowning around for the photos.
I taught you what I could,
as you taught me how to love.
Early days of school,
ever watching you grow.
Those math problems,
along aside the spelling tests.
Not feeling equal to the task,
somehow you carried me through.
From the day you learned to tie a bow,
then pedaling so ever fast.
You never showed your fear,
as I concealed mine.
Summer ends with school days,
till receiving that parchment.
Keeping your eyes to the prize,
my pride as you grew into a young man.
The day you were born I wish you to be like me,
however, by “GODs” hand you a better man.


This poem was written for a couple of friends.  I watched them as they handled one of most difficult times a parent could ever go through, losing a child.  Love and peace to them.  

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