Sept 8 2013 STFU

All day there has been a great deal of words and actions taken in this Ray Rice hitting his then fiancée’. No where in society today is this allowable! The video shows him strike her with a closed fist and knocking her out as well as her falling to the ground. The up roar over Rice receiving a 2 games suspension was all over the nation. Goodell got it wrong it as well as the NFL as a whole. With all that set aside lets move on to more pressing matters.

As this news was breaking and events were happening in Baltimore and New York, hosts of the morning show on Fucked News had there own take. You should watch the video before you read the rest of the blog.

Here is the link – I hope it works for you

Now that you see what I am talking about I have found the next few victims of STFU! The Hosts of Fox & Friends yes on Fucked News Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Anna Kooiman. I can understand if you want to make a joke about certain topics. Bad makeup, Bad hair day or a stupid drunk act by some blond in Hollywood. I might even laugh at that. However, this is something total different and way out of bounds. Your comments were not only insensitive that were without any thought. Which is the normal for your show.

One statement made:

I think the message is take the stairs,” he added, as co-host Anna Kooiman giggled.

A woman Made this statement? Seriously? Be sue you check the elevators before you enter them.

Doocey added “The message is, when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera,” I don’t have the right words to even counter the asinine comment.

I, for one, do not watch your show nor would. The only way to have me watch your show would have to be some form of torture for someone seeking information. Most comments I hear from your show turn my stomach, but most I just shake my hand in utter disbelief you are even on the airwaves. Today’s show gets you golden STFU!

So to the part I love best on this column I get to say the following to the 3 Stooge’s on Fucked and Friends

For Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Anna Kooiman


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