Another Fibro Day More AWARENESS

I am sure most of you think I complain and seek attention when I talk about this thing called Fibro. What you don’t see is the time it takes to get out of bed. Usually it is 20-30 mins before I am able to move from the bed. You dont see the time and energy I spend on just doing daily tasks. I am always exhausted, for some many reasons the doctors say! I hate having to live life this way, I truly do. I am doing everything they suggest and yet no true relief. I am seeking the means to get out of this hole, this in itself it so very hard. I think I have reached the lowest point of my life. I blame no one but myself. Although, some of the issues are out of my control , at times in the past I did not take care of things I should have taken care of. For that I now pay the price for nil action.

I have had a had time learning to live with this chronic illness and all that is entailed with Fibro. I have had to deal with some of the issues over the past 20 years, it was not till Feb 2013 have all of them hit at once., in one major flare up. Since that point, each day I have been in some form of pain, fatigue and just not feeling my best. Thats an understatement, not feeling my best. There is a new base line and it really is not very high.

I continue to find out more about this illness. At times it pushes me even further in the darkness. Honestly I am scare for those and myself in the long run. The toll that this will take on my body, My mind and my soul will be staggering! One fact I have learned, the number one leading cause of death for people with Fibro is Suicide. Scared yet? I am! I can see why someone would chose that path. The “illness” as I said takes a heavy toll on a person. The mind can handle so much. They are so many things that could be said but people dont. If you know someone with Fibro, be sure you always try to connect with them as much as possible. Just saying….

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