Shattered Days

Shattered Days Michael Wright Aug 26 2014

The Pain is killing my soul
Tearing away the remaining sanity
This pain will consume me
I won’t be able to stop it
No one will be able to help
They do not believe the truth
Hour to hour
Day to Day
I will never escape
I try to walk 
I try to run 
I have screamed
I have Pleaded
For I have a life sentence
No repeal granted
Pain it is to be a part of me
Soon it will be all of me….

I think I should qualify the above poem. Living with a chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, my life has changed greatly.  Some days i am full of pain a d others i am kind of Okay.  The pain and other issues tend to wear upon a person.  Today is a down day.   The above poem is a result of the last couple days. 

Thanks for listening

love and peace to you all


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