Just for Today

Some say I was born with you in me
I don’t know about all that now
I know you tried to destroy me
You even tired to kill me
What the hell did I do to you?
I tired to fight you off
I tired to reason with you
Even rationalizing with you didn’t work
I even tired to bride you
You Tired to take me to dark places
Nowhere I should have been
You almost won you son of a bitch!
But no, I was better then that
I was stronger then that!
Finding that inner strength to arrest you
I have the weapons to fight you
Placing you in bondage as you did to me
I will not falter in this battle
You are in check, as you shall remain!
I cannot rid myself of you
As you will be with me till my dieing days
You will always be a part of my being
However, you will never be all of my being
I might some day let you loose again
For it will not be this day!
Today, is all I have
Today, is all I need!

For my story is not unlike an other person who is in recovery. I was a drunk and horrible person. I am no longer that man. I have now been Clean and Sober more then half of my natural life. Many people and the Program of AA have changed this man. For that, I owe a debt which can never be repaid in full.

Love and Peace

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