Woman Awaiting

Woman Awaiting

A rose pales to her womanly scent
Silk could never compare to her skin
Intoxicated form her presence
Men can only hope she carries desire
Day, night, no matter, her beauty shines
She is no princess, She is a Queen!
For her wears might not be regal
They suit her mood and attitude
Gazing upon her knowing she is true
She walks upon a different plane
Her level is not one reached easily
Her, among them all, cannot settle
The trek will be long and trying
Seeking for the “1” to join her
Seeking for her equal and exact fit
For she is equal to the task at hand
Never seeking more, never accepting less
This AM I have been realizing I need to reach out more to women in order to receive back! One profile has stood out to me in this viewing. I think it has awakened me me finally to another beginning. I wrote the poem to express that thought. However, even in these advance years, I feel like a teenager when I attempt to engage woman.


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