Aug 14 2014 STFU Louie Gohmert

Today honoree is the Representative from Texas. I am sure y the time my blog is dead, I will have called out this limp dick a few times , as well as a few other morons from Texas.

Louie Gohmert or as I like to call this dimwit, Gomer Pyle. Yes I am sorry Gomer this is an insult to you I know, but someone has to make a true sacrifice. He can take any story and make up some really fantastic shit with it. A mind like his should be in Hollywood! As creative as he is he will have ideas for 50 years! His latest is no different then the rest of what spews from his little mind!

He is really good at compacting his ideas into a few sound bytes! So lets list them!

-refugees — who he called “undocumented Democrats”

-“This administration doesn’t have the desire, doesn’t have the will to actually stop it,”

-“It includes a spike in people from countries where terrorism abounds,”

Three quotes for one interview. I will say this, within this mans simple mind he can use air time to his advantage. He is the biggest fear monger in Texas and in the US House of Representatives. I am not sure how or why people elect this mental midget to this office. It does beg to ask what people are like in the part of the country. I am sure I will never visit that part of Texas! For all his brain frats Gomer you are Todays STFU!

So Louie just for you and I will type it slow for since we know you reading isnt up to speed.


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