STFU Aug 12 2014 Shepard Smith

I like reading the posts on facebook or I would have not seen this. Shepard Smith from Faux News (Where its not really news), called out Robin Williams after the fact. During his show he called Robin Williams a “COWARD” for the apparent suicide yesterday.

Mr Shepard Smith, you sir need to be educated! First you are a POS, I am sure you can figure that out since you have been that since birth! Second, the true coward today is you sir! How dare you ever call anyone a coward. Let anyone Robin Williams, Depression is a mental health issue!  It should be treated with some respect.  As well give the dead and their family some respect.  Let me guess, you and all the mighty mental midgets on Faux News forgot how to be a sensitive? Whatever the reason for saying this this made you are today’s STFU

Without anymore delay lets give Shepard Smith! A big SHUT THE FUCK UP!

If you wish to send a message to this moron here is twitter handle

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