RIP Robin Williams

This afternoon I woke to hear the sad and tragic news of the Passing of Robin Williams.  I have sent a better part of the last few hours remembering him and his work.  Such a talented man and remarkable man and life.  I will truly miss him.  RIP Robin Williams

Remember if you need help in the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Ty to Otep for that number

Below is a quick poem about depression.  I have had many around me with many levels of depression.  Some win there battles everyday.  Some have lost the battle and listened to their voices. may there all RIP!

I wrote this evening in honor to all of those who lost their battle….

No Ending

Some days I just want to all end
I have the knife but no courage
Alone tonight again no one can see
The thoughts and voices scream
They need to be set free
They are in control, Not I!
I cant win this time
I am not going any where!
Images in my mind take me to that place
I am cold and alone
My headaches return with vengeance
I cant take the all this pain
Darkness all around me
I just wanna to end this game
I will always lose in the end
the days of pain are too many
I don’t have any relief in sight
I cant feel any love
I cant see the despair
I wear my mask so no one see
Alone and no one cares!
Would anyone miss me?
In the end will they care?
In the end who would care….




One thought on “RIP Robin Williams

  1. Opinionated Man

    I wrote a similar tribute to Robin Williams. I felt his pain, I tried to kill myself as well. I felt the poem you just wrote too. Unfortunately I had the “courage,” and fortunately the “means” did not work.



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