STFU! Monday Aug 11th 2014

Monday Aug 11 2014

I Am going to start a new part of my blog. I am calling it STFU! I am sure this year I will have plenty of people to have nominated. Today I since this is the first edition of STFU, I have 2 gentlemen in mind for this inaugural edition.

My first STFU goes to the Former VP and War Criminal Dick Cheney. In an interview on AM 970 in NYC, Mr Dick was once again attacking President Obama and his policies. In an interview and I quote, “I think he’s been a failure as a president. I think the scandals, with respect to the Veterans Administration, with respect to the IRS, these are bad situations.”1. I guess no one has brought Mr Dick up to speed. So I will:

Hey Mr Dick head, THERE ARE NO SCANDALS! Ask Darrel Issa, he will tell you! Read the briefings! The IRS scandal that NEVER HAPPENED, another GOP house of cards failure! It is time for to just go away. You had you time in the office. You bleed the check book and made MILLIONS while in office, while too died for all the lies. As well the VA mess you left Obama with that whole mess! You and the G.W. knew fully there was problems in your administration. You do not get to complain about some one cleaning up your mess!

The Second gentlemen, is the ever so be humble, John Boehner. You are always on the attack but this time was as blind and as dumb as you ever have been. You attack a policy without knowing the policy? How do do that ? Your “dismay” on the policy by President Obama in regards to Iraq is as blind as you ever have been. You skipped the meeting with the WH on the policy? So how do you have or bee allowed to speak on the policy ? It is of my opinion you dont get to speak on something you know Nothing about!

For your action above be beyond your intelligence, Mr. Dick and Mr Boner :

Just Shut The Fuck UP!


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