Just another day!

My entire life, I have been challenged by the odds. By the odds meaning I should not have be able to accomplish what I have in my life time. From being abandoned, abused and adopted to the Learning disabilities, Depression, ADHD, multiply injuries, and the now health condition I deal with on a daily basis. This little thing I call My beast: Fibromyalgia and all that comes with it.

I cannot count the times I was told you cant do that. You are not smart enough enough or good enough. But I can count on one hand the number of people who truly believed I could achieve and always supported me. As well those who helped me in my recovery from alcohol and drugs and needless to say those who helped with the recovery form the injuries and surgeries.

Today I face the greatest challenge. My own health. MY lack of personal care might be part to blame, however I am 100% responsible for everything. Since I am the one who got me here to this place I will be the one digging myself out. However, I will be forever changed. I have to deal with number of negative people along this trek. They have been forever removed for my life. For the past several weeks I have been in a dark place for a number of reasons, health, emotions and medications all have been a part of this and I will still take my responsibility for my actions.

With all said and done, I have become inspired in many different forms. I will find the path out of this mess. I am now inspired to let the story out of all the pain. I have not found all the answers nor do I believe I will have all the answers. I will still push forward, one day at a time.



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