Reap the Rewards! Michael Wright Aug 05 2014

Reap the rewards! Michael Wright Aug 05 2014

If I fail, will you be there?
If I fail , who will help pick up the pieces ?
Failure will come It always has!
Just like before
I will get the fuck up!
And do it all again!

I will not cry about it
I will just go with the flow
I bet you will run away again and again!
Looking for that place to hide ?
Run you little bitch!
Always to scared to try
What? You couldn’t see the reward?
You thought I was a loser?
You thought I was done?
Oh no no no Your so wrong!


I have seen people like you
Kick me when I am down
Thinking you are all that!
Get the fuck over yourself
You are no better or no worse then Me
Try pointing that judgment on yourself
Expect the men to drop to your feet?
Wow you are so delusional
What a glorious mind fuck!


Now the time has come
Put up or shut the fuck up!
Tired of these little games played
I refuse to play your game
The one will be coming -wait and see
she will come to me – wait and see
and it aint fucking you!
She will reap the rewards
all it could have been yours!


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