Living with Fibro

Fibro is not a death Sentence! Fibro has only changed life, that is a fact! I just have to know that when I do things then there will be a cost for doing them. I have accepted that.  I have to plan around it and deal what the aftermath comes with it.  Sometimes it is little and then other days it can be a bitch of a day! But I will continue to go forward. I am not fighting fibro but I am learning to live with it!   And live with it I have and will go onward!

2 thoughts on “Living with Fibro

  1. robinmcmd

    Fight the good fight. There are loads of other bloggers living with Fibro and other chronic diseases. Many have helpful tips. Especially the dietary ideas. I have friends who have had great reduction in symptoms and flare ups through eliminating stuff like gluten and white sugar.


    1. thedarkwarriorproject Post author

      More studies have shown that food hasnt a great deal to do with any flare ups. Over all a Netter diet helps anyone. I drop sweets and the junk food. Processed foods are the killer, and a gluten free diet is costly.



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