GOP Sues Pres. OBAMA?

This Project has been a long time coming. Now that I have started I cant stop! Time to kick this bitch into Gear!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been attempting to keep my distance from politics and any discussion of politics in general. However, the latest actions frtom the GOP, have really have some all time bone heads moves! Sue the POTUS? Who’s bright fucking idea was this? Mr Speaker? I think the the real power are those slipping money to John Boehner, they are providing the funds for the law suits as well. Then they still want to use tax payer money in a USELESS LAW SUIT! That’s right folks, your tax dollars is being used to sue President Obama for doing his job!

The logic behind the law suit is even more stupid then you think! They are complaining about the pace of how the ACA is being implemented. They are bitching about it is not being implemented fast enough! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????? SAY WHAT??? I cant even have more to comment on that fill in any editorial you wish and it will fit for me. I am sure a few NeoCons will attempt to set this straight.

First, relax! The law suit should and will be toss out as another senseless law suit. Second, the GOP is using this a stunt to raise money for the up coming elections this fall. However, The Democrats are using this as means to raise their war chest as well. And the Democrats are winning this battle! They need to continue a full court press on the GOP and the weak Tea party Candidates over the reaming time in these elections. It is my opinion all this will blow up in the GOP face. And heads will roll in the GOP and RNC over this disaster, One can only hope one of those will be the present Speaker.

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